Integrated Search time since invented until today. With images time machine used in the measurement of time, there are many species of which hourglass mechanical and digital clock and time and of the most famous watch Big Ben. The time of solar: the first hour invented by man have been written by the world-Khwarizmi Muslim Arabs and was using it to determine prayer times are It depends on the angle of the sun and the horizon any deviation from its principle depends on the corners instead of hours, minutes and seconds. astronomical clock (Astronomical watch) are astronomical machine. Invented by the ancient Egyptians in 2500 BC. It was the period between dusk and dawn is divided into 12 hours at night. The day was divided into 24 hours and 60 minutes time. This ancient Egyptians used the sundial to measure the length of daylight hours instead of using a simple string or water clock. Discovery of clocks and their evolution through the ages was a time control problem is the main concern for the lives of the people and the man was an old monitors day and night, planets and course of rivers to become significant in his life. Man primitive was dependent on the sun at sunrise and sunset and the time of his hunger to calculate the time because his life was simple and simple measurements free of the complexities and limitations was to sleep at sunset and wake up at sunrise and eat when hungry issue of determining the time were not mean much, but as a result of the evolution of life and living among tribes It became pay attention to the time and select it. Were trees and shadows, moon and stars is the natural breathing, and human use �sundial� solar time since 3500 BC, which is a stick planted in the ground is determined time by identifying under the stick depending on the movement of the sun have been found when the Chinese and the ancient Egyptians with a Pharaonic obelisks were divided the day into four sections and then evolved into twelve sections determined between sunrise and sunset any twelve hours and due to some drawbacks, especially it can not specifically for the night has been used human water clock and was used in ancient Egypt, dating back to 1,400 BC, which is about a vase filled with water Then it leaked water through a small hole at its base which vary depending on the seasons of the year until the summer has become an hour longer than an hour and a winter in which they refer to the time scales. The Greeks used it in their speeches. When the water is running out finishing his sermon, al-Khatib. I found the hourglass, where he was the expiration of sand from the bottle takes a full hour even developed by the Arabs. And they made ??the hours of copper and on the principle of trigonometry And they determine the time of their prayers and their creativity as a result of the watch industry in Europe has carried them and then developed the industry was an hour and then the spring pendulum then wristwatch. It is worth mentioning that the rural workers were doing their free time and watch industry was �Geneva� are the most numerous and accuracy in the industry where I started there in the 16th century and was famous Swiss watch everywhere. Hours old were placed in high places and in public squares, and volume was heavy even discovered �Galileo� that all the weightlifting swing if the length equal equal equal weights they lead time vibrations. The watch industry has continued to evolve until it reached today at making atomic clock. ***** Since ancient time and obsessed with the human frame so that suggests anxiety through annihilation. And because the idea of time came after the man discovered his presence physicist on land and became his obsession attendant at how his time account and how his discovery of the variables that occur upon by the development and note the emergence of its members and is gliding through the colliding shadow the first time "and because it depends on account of his days and determine the time of harvest has become incumbent upon invent a way to define his time assisted by acumen in the discovery of climate fluctuations professed fear that looms him in the approaching its end and its commission. And because the human being an innovative and ambitious discovered the idea of time to calculate his time and set the dates and agenda for his life, and was the first hour was invented is the hourglass. emphasizes historical research in archeology, that the Sumerians were the first to discover the expense of time in the form of an hour depending on what has been discovered clay figure found in the land of Babylon .. Because the time that was dedicated to Charlemagne King of France during the reign of Harun al-Rashid was a scientific surprise in time for the heart of Europe " . The evolution of the watch industry take to widen In the Renaissance was the first watch-making in the form of a pistol in France. It was the first hours of the watch industry is a tabletop Vacheron Constantin company and excelled in its industry and is the first company to watch industry in Switzerland. The Iranians have invented the first pocket watch solar in the seventeenth century and inscribed with the Islamic cities the names of months on the face of the cover. And because the Swiss were the first to manufacture sophisticated and modern clocks and were proficient them has Patek Philippe company gave first hand an hour to the Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte! He was the founding of the company from a proposal by Count Anthony de Patek maker Swiss watch famous Adrian Philip was agreed and became known as hourly Queen or property. The known world of watches a lot of names that entered the industry that constituency that encircle them most human beings forms and engineered wonderful and manufacturers skilled There were a lot of them Roscoff and Sarkisov Russians who have become of renowned in the watch industry names have launched their names on the hours that They manufacture. The history of 1700 and 1752 and in 1810 and 1865 and the latter date was associated with the name of one skilled in the Swiss watch industry, namely Zenith, the date time industry modern. The Piaget company founders in the Swiss watch industry task Among the most prominent (brands) in the world. It was touch and aesthetic uniqueness in the production of handicrafts time another turn aesthetically and became a demand for watches rectangular shapes and circular and square is profitable for companies producing those hours. and became allocated to the pool and the other race cars hours, and another for diving and hours of the rulers and clocks to measure and monitor the number of punches and kicks, a private boxers. Among the most famous manufacturers Swiss watch International woogie Kmbane Company and Longines and company Bolekara and company Harry Winston Inc. Omega and company Corum Inc. Abraham Louis that specializes in watch industry high-end considered by some hours masterpiece and was the last hour in the hands of Nuri are made ??Patek Philippe company before his death Is likely to be a prehistoric man, it may specify the time, in the daytime, through his observations of the shadows, caused by the sun's rays and the movement of the earth for them. He knew that the short length of the shadow, a pointer to the approaching noon; that Asttalth evidence of the beginning of the day or the end. Perhaps the sundial is the oldest tools used to determine the time. Solar disks listed has evolved, or sundials (the collection sundial), by nearly four thousand years. It depends on the movement of the earth against the sun, and estimate the shadow formed on the disk runway. On the other devices to calculate the time, hourglasses and water clocks, which flows water or sand from one of the containers to another container, at a constant rate; and by measuring the amount of substance in any of the containers , man was able to tell the time, that has passed. The Muslims excelled in the watch industry, which is working with water, sand, mercury and various weights. And invented sundials phones, hour journey, solar and alarm clock, which is known Balrkhamh. Harun al-Rashid has presented, in 192 AH 0.807 m, the Crusader King Charlemagne copper hour, surprised. And invented Ibn Yunus (d. 3399 AH 0.1009 m) pendulum, a pendulum. Historians believe that the first mechanical watches, in Western civilization, has been developed by a number of inventors, in the late thirteenth century. And it was administered gravity, and free of the pendulum; it was her bells, hammer a specific time or declaring it. Then added to the disk runway and pendulum clocks. It is believed that the first Managed watch the spring, has developed in Italy, in the late fifteenth century. The majority of primitive hours were not regular, nor accurate. That improved tools, Kalpndul and spring balance, both of which have developed during the mid-seventh century AD; and spread the use of Bndolee minutes and seconds. In the mid-eighteenth century, most of the current mechanisms of mechanical watches inventors developed. Used electric clocks, in the mid-nineteenth century. It also appeared quartz hours, during the thirties of the twentieth century. The scientists developed the first atomic clock, in the forties. And became the digital clocks in common use, in the seventies, and in particular wrist watches. In the eighties, it integrated into silicon wafers; a complex circuitry, printed on very small pieces of silicon, in the mechanisms of hours. In addition to the show time, the hours information is stored, and the performance of computer work, and the role of miniature paintings of the Games. kinds of watches cover the modern watch a wide range, it varies between small-sized watches, models cheap, and hours of grandparents archaeological ornate, high-volume and wooden boxes, and groups of bells complex musical. And know the traditional hours, in hours of disks included, namely with the arms of (clockwise), the time appears to refer to the numbers on the dial. As for other types of watches, which are known as digital clocks, time appears in figures, on the upper face. There are many hours of bells, or they make noise, to alert. Every hour is made ??up of two main parts, namely: the enclosure and internal kit, or moving parts inside the enclosure. And several internal three tasks: show time, and to maintain the accuracy, providing the ability to run the clock. Hours vary depending on how the performance of their parts, and varying dependence on the capacity necessary for the operation; the mismatch and electrical machinery. Adopted to maintain the accuracy of the process of time, at most hours, at a frequency of some frequent and regular movements, Katrjeh pendulum. And keeps watch fixed frequency, to a high degree, accurate time, more hours with less frequency stable. For example, the Department of Atomic clocks rely, more accurate clocks, which made ??so far, based on the fluctuation of some atoms and molecules. And each one of these particles natural frequency characteristic, and its own, with a very severe stability. As a result, the best atomic clocks, do not delay, do not provide more than one second, within 250 thousand years. Watch mechanism provides the ability of these hours, through a variety of machinery parts. They need to fill, or wrap, multiple periods. And it needs to fill some of them, every day. Others can work for seven or eight days, without refilling. There are two main types of mechanism Hours: Type I, managed mediated by gravity. The second type, managed mediated by the spring. Most of hours the two types of discs are included. Managed the working hours of heaviness, mediated by weight, attached a string or rope, wraps when filling time, on a disc. And it attracts gravity near to the top of the cylinder. When the pull of gravity to the bottom, under the influence of gravity, lifting the rope, cord movement and lead to the bottom, to move a number of the Tooth, and mesh in sequence, and the ongoing each specific speeds, known as the convoy. And relate the clock, each separately. And prevents all of the pendulum, the machine is called the balance of time, the weight of sagging very quickly. And organizes all of them, as well, clock speed. Libra is going on not only when running the clock. It includes a wheel loose, related to the convoy, and the serrated rotator. The swinging pendulum, which is the time tool to save time, from one party to another, at the rate of a regular frequency; Vezih the rotor axis gear, and with every shift holds the wheel stops and chaos Khtafan, every one of them knows Balahabsh, Tojaddan on both ends of the axis. And the return of the pendulum back, Alhabustan wheel slip, to spin a little bit ... and so on. This process is organized chaos wheel speed, as well as gear wheels in the package, and result in the voice of the hour: Tech Talk ... contains the spring working hours, on the main spring coiled the spring, it wraps around the axis, when filling time. When Anflath slowly, the wheels runs in the gears package. And run this type of watch batteries, re-winding the mainspring, automatically, before Anevkake Anevkaka full. And it looks like a balance escapement, which managed heaviness. However, for many hours working the spring balance wheel, it works as a tool to save time, instead of the pendulum. And regulates the spring of my hair, spiral, accurate, connected to it, the so-called spring balance; it Erghaa, back and forth, at a steady rate, with wrapped and Anevkake. This Torgh movement and lead to tilt the rotor axis. And stuck Alhabustan wheel chaos and Tfeltanha, alternately, leading to regulate the speed of the gears package. Electric clocks include electric clocks those working battery-powered, and its counterpart operating with electricity; and you managed clocks electricity needed to manage capacity, from current output source. Almost all digital clocks, made ??since the thirties of the twentieth century, are electric models for hours. Most of the working hours has a battery-powered, the balance wheel, or a pendulum, regulates the speed. It includes also in some small rod, from quartz crystal, or a very small vibrating fork, its mission to secure the harmonization process. The active battery fork vibrating, vibrating, which, in turn, regular and high frequencies. The division is working mechanism, in the hours with a fork vibrating, to change the number of vibrations to regular speeds of wheels gears. On quartz watches, clocks based on a quartz crystal, play a complex circuit, the number of converts vibrations to accurate information on time. And show the process of governing. The most accurate quartz minutes or hours, even if misalignment, not to exceed 60 seconds, in general. The power supply provides the ability for the hours involved, and regulates the speed. It changes direction at a rate of 120 times per second. And counts integrated hardware, or engine, changes in the direction of current flow; and organizes, under which, the process of show time. And managed most digital electricity hours. The printed numbers, in some of these watches, on the perforated discs, or rotating drums, or a moving bar. Some of quartz watches, are of an electronic tool to show the numbers. Tools and display numbers or show, a variety of forms, Kalplorat liquid, radiation and light from the electric diode. And use display numbers mediated liquid crystals tool, figures, reflect light around them. The display numbers mediated radiation light tool of the diode, they have numbers, formed mediated electronic devices, give light, known as bilateral valve. Biological clock called the term biological clock on a time system mysterious, affecting plants and animals, and preserves the exact time for days and weeks and months, and even years. It defines, well, dates of activities of living organisms, to make it in concert with regular changes in their environments; birds migrate, and grow fish, flowers bloom, according to timetables, determined by the built-in within hours. And determine the biological clock, in humans, sleep and waking times, and many of the activities of their bodies. The so-called science, which deals with the study of the biological clock, chronology bio. No one knows where lies the biological clocks, and how it works. Some scientists believe, that every living organism, has its own time, inside the compound, which acts independently. Others believe, that the clocks built by the natural rhythms of electromagnetic forces, and gravity. There continues to be supposed, that there are forces inside and outside the body, necessary to maintain the accuracy of hours. The scientists hope, to give them experience, the plants and animals in outer space, away from the rhythms of the Earth's natural, additional information about how the biological clocks. The importance of biological clocks maintain biological clocks to follow the path of consistent changes, including day and night, and the movement of the tides in the oceans and aspects or phases of the moon, and the seasons of the year. It seems that many of the organisms, and perhaps all, have internal cycles, called biological rhythms (bio), respond to these external changes consistent. And look biological rhythms of each particular type, like a temporary, to enable the object to benefit from emergency to environment changes. And continue the biological rhythms, according to a timetable, even in the laboratory, where the obscure plants and animals all signs of the passage of time, the outer change. But the tunes can change, and re-installation of the biological clock, through the change of time, in which the animal or plant receives light. For example, place the mice, usually, at night; and quickly re-time neighbors, if you move to a further period of time, or put under time optical table industry. Circadian rhythms supports many of the biological rhythms, the day-night cycle, called circadian rhythms; because it occurs every 24 hours. For most organisms, the day-night cycle, divided into periods of activity and rest periods. But these periods, does not occur at one time of the day, when all living organisms. Humans are active, to a large degree, in the daytime; and perpetuate to rest, at night. And keep track of the monkeys, large and small, bees, and butterflies, and many species of animals, a timetable and a single. The bats, cats, moths, owls, Vtenct at night. And determine the biological clock in each type, the timetable fit in. And discloses plants, as well as, for the daily rhythms. They are, for example, raise their leaves, in the daytime, and reduce them, at night. These are called sleep movements consistent changes. It is, usually, continue even when reservation plants in places, which does not change the light, and temperature. Other rhythms appear cancers Agah, animals and other beach, the rhythms are complex; they prevail skin cancers musician, at dawn, and become pale, at dusk. And adapt their activities in the flow with the tide, which rise and fall, then fifty minutes, every day. And continue cancers musician, saved in the laboratory, to change the color, in the dark, responsive to the movement of the tide in their native habitat, on the beach. When transferred to the new beach, the tide times vary, they adapt their activities with the timing of the new tide, and re-timing of biological clocks, automatically. And has a lot of living organisms, including fish Aldzonaon; a small thickness, are located along the coast of California, in the United States American United, the rhythms of the birth of a monthly, semi-monthly or, at the maximum height of tide, from February to September. And topping the thickness Aldzonaon, every 14.8 days, tidal waves heading to the beach, where the females lay their eggs in moist sand, and come to the male T_khasbha. Then carries Wave fish, again, to the ocean; however, the eggs stay on the beach. When the next high tide, after 14.8 the other day, break eggs prompt, and holds a small fish to the ocean. And determine the biological clocks schedules annual rhythms, in living organisms; they control the growth of the seeds, and the stillness of birds and other animals and their migration. And these watches appear to be important, as well, to help the birds, fish, crustaceans and insects, the navigation. And clocks that are used in conjuction with the sun and the moon and the stars, to help them patch, constantly, in relation to the earth's rotation, and stay on the right track. Biological clock, in humans working biological clock, in humans, according to the timetables, essential for life and health. For the biological rhythms of humans daily, weekly, and monthly, and yearly. And different hormone level, and other chemicals in the blood over these time

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